Founded in 1972, After more than 40 years of development, Changdian Technology has become a world-renowned integrated circuit packaging and testing enterprises. In 2003, Changdian Technology Co., Ltd. was listed in Shanghai Stock Exchange of China as the first listed company in semiconductor testing industry in mainland China. In 2015, Changdian Technology successfully acquired Singapore Xingke Jinpeng in the same industry. After the merger, Changdian Technology jumped into the first echelon of the international semiconductor sealing and testing industry with eight production bases located in China, Singapore and South Korea, and its RESEARCH, development, production and sales network covers the major semiconductor markets around the world.


In 1997, Jiangyin transistor Factory was established.

In 1986, the first discrete device automatic production line was put into use.

In 1989, the first integrated circuit automated production line was put into use.

In 1994, it set up a joint venture with Philips.

Changdian technology, formerly known as Jiangyin Changjiang Electronic Industry Co., LTD., was founded in 1998.

In 2000, it was restructured into a joint-stock company and renamed as Changdian Technology.

In 2003, listed in the A-share market.

In 2005, JCAP provided wafer level chip size packaging technology services.

In 2007, Changdian Technology IC long and SIP factory was established.

In 2010, MIS packaging materials plant went into operation.

In 2014, it established a joint venture subsidiary with SMIC, with annual revenue of 6.428 billion yuan, ranking the 8th in the world..28亿,位居全球第8位。

In 2015, Changdian Technology hands no ATATSCHIPPAC.

In 2016, Changdian Technology ranked among the top three test companies in the world.

In 2017, Changdian Technology Shanghai branch was established.


The company's main business for integrated circuits, discrete device packaging and testing and discrete device chip design and manufacturing.

At present, Changdian Technology has three business segments, namely, former Changdian Technology, Xingke Jinpeng and JSCK. The plates have a division of labor and complement each other. Among them, JSCK is a wholly-owned subsidiary established by Changdian International in Korea on November 17, 2015 and invested in high-level SiP product packaging and testing project.

Former Long power technology: Chuzhou/Suqian factory mainly produces SOP, DIP and other low-end packaging and discrete devices; While THE headquarters of CHANGdian produces QFN packaging, the substrate Packaging Business Unit is mainly responsible for BGA packaging, and JIC is used to produce the mid-process around wafer level packaging.

Xingke Kumpang: The Singapore factory mainly invests in the most advanced eWLP packaging and has some testing business. Shanghai/Jiangyin factory mainly produces flip packaging and partial welding line packaging; The South Korean factory is the flip package.

JSCK: Mainly invested in SiP capacity, supporting mobile phone leading customers.






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